10 Tips for Educating Children so that Dislikes Disobey

Every parent certainly wants to have children who are obedient and kind. No wonder if from an early age parents have taught good values ​​to their children.
However, sometimes parents are unable to deal with their disputing or dissident children. Even parents are often confused about how to deal with rebellious children.
But don’t be confused, moms, the following 10 things can be a reference on how to educate children not to become dissidents.

Improve communication with children

Communication that is not smooth with children will make it difficult for parents to convey their intentions to children. Because they do not know how to communicate properly, parents will find it difficult to make children understand what they want to say, so the child will argue.

Listen to the child

Some parents are reluctant to take the time to listen to children’s aspirations because they think the child does not have much experience. This attitude will not help in developing a child’s character. This attitude will actually make children feel not considered and not valued.

Don’t spoil the child too much

Pampering children by fulfilling all their desires will make children not understand how to struggle to get something. This will make him rebel when his parents cannot grant what he asks for.

Teach children to be independent

More independent children will find it easy to convey their feelings and desires appropriately so there is no need to argue whenever parents advise or tell them to do something.

Be assertive

When a child denies what you say, don’t give in just to avoid debate. If you give in, the child will learn that he can avoid the command by being disobedient or defiant. And on another occasion, he will repeat it again.

Take care of emotions

Facing a dissident child, it often saps emotions. But try to remain calm. Do not let your emotions explode especially if you do physical violence.

Tell the child the consequences if they disobey

To make a child stop or learn that arguing is not a good deed, parents must introduce the child with the consequences of his actions. Tell the child if he doesn’t follow the rules, the consequence is that he will lose time to do what he likes. For example, if the child does not want to take a shower, the consequence is that he will lose playing time for one day. Don’t forget to discuss this form of consequence with the child, so he understands.


When you have determined the consequences than be consistent. Perform the agreed-upon consequences every time the child is not obedient. Don’t give up when the child has started crying and sulking, then you cancel the consequences. Remember, teaching consequences is very important for the formation of a child’s character, so that he knows what it means to be responsible and what obligations he must fulfill.

Find out the child’s will

Maybe all the ways you have done but the child is still defiant. In cases like … Read More


6 Things A Leader Must Have

Being a business owner means you must have good leadership qualities. Why? Because the attitude of a leader in a company has an important role and greatly determines the success of a business. You also have to be a good example and become a friend to all your employees. For this reason, as a business owner and leader in business, you must have a special attitude and ability to do your job well. Here are some things a leader or leader must have.

Have Honest Traits

Honesty is a trait that must be owned and should not be forgotten by a leader. By having this nature, employees will be more confident and can work calmly and safely. Because every word that comes out of your mouth is definitely true and can be accounted for. This trait is also the key to developing a business.

Good communication

As a leader means you also have to be able to communicate well to all employees to the external parties of the company. By having good communication skills, employees and other parties will more easily understand what you want to convey and do. A leader or leader must also ensure that the message to be conveyed can be well received by employees and interested parties. This can also reduce the risk of misunderstanding or different views.

Be fair

Being fair means you cannot discriminate between employees one and the other. This certainly can lead to social jealousy between employees which can cause destruction in a team. A fair leader will know more about what work is deserving of his employees and what is the appropriate salary given to the employee for his hard work. By having this attitude, employees will respect you more as a leader, and you will be preferred by employees.

Build a Team Well

Having a good and solid team not only makes employees comfortable but also can help you grow your business. Therefore, a leader must be able to build a team well and solidly. To build a solid team, you must build cohesiveness in a team. Start by chatting something interesting for example about movies, music, family, and so on. You can also invite them to watch together, eat together, and other activities that can bring you closer to them.

Understanding the Conditions

Being a leader means that you have to know and understand the conditions that occur well, starting from the concept, the advantages, and disadvantages of the business, to the conditions of each employee you have. By understanding the conditions, you can more easily help solve the problem that is happening and find out what risks the company can accept the solution you will provide. You also cannot provide the same solution in every problem and for everyone. Because of that, try to understand the condition well before providing a solution to the problem.

Good Time Management

Being a leader or leader means that you are ready to accept a larger task, not just checking the work … Read More


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What Books Ought to I Be Reading To Baby?

baby readingStudies have proven that youngsters get ready to learn years earlier than they start faculty. Have children read the story to you (see next two pages). Think about reading time as our high quality time together with your kids. Here are seven tips for studying to your child. It’s doable that reading may also be acquired without direct instruction if print is constantly available at an early age.

He requested for all of the Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs books for Christmas this yr, and was also in a position to read these independently. I’m stunned that experts wouldn’t pay attention to the fact that many youngsters around the world are easily studying to learn at four, typically in multiple language.

If you would like, read to your baby from grown-up books or magazines too. Whatever I did say, what I ought to have stated is that this: they (American educationists & studying specialists) think that the vast majority of youngsters are not really ready” to learn to learn before the age of 5 – 6.

I’ve never seen I’ve heard of Reading Reflex and looked on the e book on Amazon; I can not help however assume that it makes it all way more sophisticated-sounding than it must be. In case your youngsters see you read and even maintain a book couple of minutes a day, then they would be keen on doing the identical.… Read More


Download Search День Рождения Королевы Mp3

baby readingNew analysis reveals even infants profit from books and reading. For your youngsters to grow good, it’s a should for them to grow to be bookworms early. No person has ever expressed considerations” about age appropriateness of what I’ve read to H. As to taking away from the experience of being a toddler,” I do have a section in Part 2 about early education vs. play; in short, I believe this is a false various.

Books are still a good way to unfold information. Studying is an dependancy that oldsters ought to encourage well before their baby’s first birthday. As Timothy Kailing in Native Studying explains and argues, an efficient way to teach kids very early is just to learn so much to them whereas working one’s fingers under the phrases.

Attempt audio books – they’re good for maintaining the children entertained on automotive journeys, as well as an effective way to build their understanding of tales and enhance their listening abilities. Select books that have massive, vibrant, lifelike however simple footage of familiar topics comparable to animals, familiar house objects, toys, and folks.

As a result of, properly, everyone who works with children is aware of that while children study quickly, they overlook shortly too. Nevertheless by utilizing these word family playing cards in a flash card, complete language method she learnt to learn with ease. Do issues that will make studying a ebook extra entertaining to your child – and to you.… Read More


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Whole hours of informal childcare received grew by zero.9{121d5798a569cff7cedb7b083102802adc157d01b381d0a5af71d525211801a9} between 2014 and 2015 after which by 1.1{121d5798a569cff7cedb7b083102802adc157d01b381d0a5af71d525211801a9} between 2015 and 2016. Complete informal adult care supplied in 2016 amounted to 7.9 billion hours. Dengan jumlah jenis permainan yang mencapai 40 macam, masih banyak lagi banyak jenis permainan lainnya yang di hadirkan dengan tampilan dan efek suara terbaik.

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