The Diamond SD is a motor driven mobile antenna for shortwave, from 3 to 30MHz. The Diamond SD screwdriver is your efficient antenna solution for mobile HF With the main SD element enjoy operation on any frequency from to. Diamond SD Mobile Screwdriver product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur.

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During operation, the SDC-1 requires a maximum of mA.


The supply voltage 12V is taken from diamonnd cigar lighter. Overall a ddiamond solution if you want to cover all bands in a hurry. It was nice of Diamond to include a ferrite on the screwdriver control cable. I bought one a year ago and it works very well. Short whip loads up from just below 6 meters to mid 4 Mhz.

All antennas are equipped with a telescopic tuning element, not wire cutting needed.


Also suitable for space restricted environments, e. Had it apart many times to tighten hardware and then try later to modify it to keep it from vibrating loose. I am very pleased with the SD’s performance. With this short radiator operation is possible from 7 to 52MHz. To change frequency you first tune the antenna to maximum noise on the receiver, then start transmitting with low power 10W and tune for best SWR.

The screwdriver design permits me to adjust the SWR to 1: Internal tuners of most rigs are usually not suitable.


I have given up and scrapped it. Used the cigarette lighter as sd3300 source. I don’t “foresee” any issues. The alignment of the antenna is done diamind adjusting the length of the upper whip. All in all a very comfortable antenna system which adjusts automatically to any frequency.

Too bad, great looking but unreliable. I’ve had this ant for about a year.

Built extremely well like a tank and is diamons performer. For operations on 30 and 20m the optional resonator HVCCX is required, replacing the 40m resonator. I couldn’t be more delighted with this antenna. So the power was restricted to some 50 watts. Not to worry however, as I’ll probably be upgrading to an automatic screwdriver controller eventually.

Just one antenna for HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm! New cars are not so diaomnd when it comes to wiring straight from the battery. The Lexus is the first vehicle make out of over 70 cars I have owned that has zero noise.

If I had to find a ‘fault’, I’d have to say sd33 the antenna screwdriver control switch, which is pretty flimsly. I went with the Diamond because of fit, finish, and complete meter capability with two different whips included: I use it mainly on 14 ,18 ,21 and 28 Mhzs and mounted on a tri- mag mount.

New to Ham Radio? Long whip loads from about 32 MHz to well below 80 meters. TKA wide band mobile antenna 1. I could not sell it to some one else and sleep at night. The tuning xd330 a wee bit fast, but once you get used to it, it’s easy to tune in any band, first by listening to the noise, then fine tuning the SWR. Due to the comfortable adjustment of the antenna you can tune without leaving yopur car. This arrangement worked quite well, but necessitated having a “Hamstick” for each of the bands I’m interested in using.


Diamond SD Mobile Screwdriver Product Reviews

I installed a coil at the base to shunt the antenna to lower the feed impedance on the lower freqs and the SWR is perfect. The sr330 looks great with high gloss black finish. My Lexus has zero noise on all frequencies so mobile use is excellent. Still very early days.

Works well on 40 meters even with the short whip surprisingly! Solid monoband mobile antennas for shortwave. Don’t hesitate to buy this antenna With the supplied cm radiator the antenna has a total length from cm 3. Antenna base with integrated extension coil, black, flexible glass fibre radiator. With the optional radiator OPE 77cm the antenna has a length from to cm. The two radials remain at 33 feet each, even on 75M. In contrast of the original controller there is a choice to use automatic fixed positions for each band.

Having the need to confront reduced mobility, I needed to find an alternative to erecting my 40 and 20 meter trap dipole while on vacation. But they are not so practical for use on small sedans.