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Seeing the smiles of the people that you helped is a great satisfaction for me.

I’tisam-ud-Din – Wikipedia

Activity highlights See all I ask Allah to reward them the ihisam reward for their work they do around the world by helping those who are in need. Mukhtar Usman February 6, The will appear at the top of your campaign page.

Bashir makes economic promises amid police crackdown. Islamic identity and Somali identity cannot be separated. You can add to a tab on any Facebook Page which you manage. Aniq Ruzaien Abd Harith February 6, I feel sad when the mission ended and I hope I can continue doing charity work.

Indeed, the guerrilla war fought against British imperialism from to was led by a nationalist, Sayid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan, known in the West as the Mad Mullah.

Or record one right now.



Members of Tajamu al-Islami, the New Blood faction of al-Islah, and some members of al-Itisam movement openly reject the use of force in achieving power although they led the resistance groups that fought against the Ethiopian occupation. Identity, Islam and Peacebuilding by Pluto Press. This project is running upon request basis.

Your media gallery is empty. The actual content will be decided once we are on the ground but among the food aid items to be considered are as follows.

Add pictures now You can add videos, too. Secularists falling short One can safely argue that, for now, Somalia does not have credible secularist groups that can compete with Islamists. This is the most unforgetable moment. Your personal message will encourage others to help. To many of us, no matter how bad our financial situation or the place we live in, we still have food for ourselves, a clean and safe water to drink, a roof to at least to spend the night and shield us from the elements, and we can move around in relatively safe environment with no bomb exploding around us or someone shooting to kill in our direction.

I hope that this mission can be continued and get even more support from fellow Malaysians. Easy to work with them as no dl processes involved.

Noraini Ridzuan August 21, With as low as RM A statistic conducted by the Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics shows that at ek 2.


Perhaps a large majority of us have never experienced or knowing extreme poverty or the life in a war zone. Help Get the code.

Those from the Ikhwan school – connected itiisam to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and with a more political orientation that the Salafis – are also divided. Short personal videos by supporters like you are incredibly powerful. Engaging Islamist groups may be key to combating extremism and piracy, expert says.

Story Updates 0 Activity One now rarely sees schools that are owned or operated by secularists in Somalia.

dblp: Itisam Hazzaa

Any pictures or videos will remain in the campaign’s media gallery. Thus in order to build a functioning state, they should be considered an ally. Kind people like you always helping us to capture the mind and heart of donors. Help us build temporary tiisam – 15′ X 10′ ft bamboo tent. Muzammeer Mansor December 9, Yes, I want to contribute. There is also Tajamu al-Islami and Wuhda.